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Dr. Shireen Fasciglione, Principal
1100 Cornelius Ave., Niskayuna, NY 12309
Phone: (518) 377-1856 Fax: (518) 377-1099

meet our principal

Principal Dr. Shireen Fasciglione

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Principal Dr. Shireen Fasciglione
Photo of Principal Dr. Shireen Fasciglione.

Hillside School is one of five superb elementary schools in the Niskayuna School District. We serve approximately 340 students in kindergarten through fifth-grade. Hillside is truly a "neighborhood school". We have a large number of children who walk to and from school and we enjoy very close ties with our entire school community.

We are blessed with countless volunteers in our classrooms, library and special programs and a very active and committed Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Through their leadership, programs, and financial support, our school is enriched immeasurably.

The faculty and staff at Hillside are incredibly talented and committed to developing and maintaining an atmosphere which promotes personal and academic growth. Our teachers work hard to connect learning to real life experiences of the children in their classrooms and they consistently provide a variety of opportunities to help children show what they have learned in discussion, displays, fairs, art, music, plays and various forms of writing. We also find many opportunities to involve children in projects to benefit others, including senior citizens, children's shelters and hospitals, to name only a few.

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