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Dr. Shireen Fasciglione, Principal
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Expectations for appropriate student behavior


Coming to School and Going Home

A Good Citizen...

  • Is polite and careful to other children at the bus stop. Pushing and shoving can
    cause an accident.
  • Looks both ways, then crosses the road carefully when signaled by the driver.
  •  Does not throw things at the bus or children.
  •  Stays in the seat while riding the bus.
  • Rides the bus quietly without shouting, fighting or other impolite behavior.
  • Helps keep the bus clean.
  • Listens carefully and respectfully to the driver's instructions.
  • Keeps track of belongings and respects the property of others.
  • Keeps a safe distance from the bus and all other vehicles.
  • Walks on sidewalks or as close to the edge of the road as possible out of the way of automobiles.
  •  Walks in single file when walking to or from the bus, being careful not to walk on the road (especially where there are no sidewalks).


In School

A Good Citizen...

  • Walks in the halls without pushing or shoving, by keeping hands to oneself.
  • Walks in the halls keeping lunch boxes, pencils etc. away from walls.
  • Stays in the classroom until excused or dismissed.
  • Uses good language in all places including in school, on the playground and on the bus.
  • Respects the rights of others by being quiet and polite in the hallways.
  • Takes care not to damage or destroy school property.
  •  Respects the rights and feelings of others, both adults and children.
  • Follows the rules and directions of the teacher and other adults who are in charge without arguing.
  • Uses special care when handling equipment in art, music, library and gym classes.
  • Practices good listening and speaking habits.


At School Assemblies

A Good Citizen...

  • Sits where directed.
  • Leaves the assembly only with permission from an adult.
  • Watches and listens politely to the performance and speakers.
  • Claps politely to show appreciation (does not stamp feet, "boo" or whistle).
  • Leaves at the end of the assembly in an orderly manner following the directions of the adults in charge.


At Lunch

A Good Citizen...

  • Tries to remember to use the restroom and wash hands before lunch.
  • Eats the entire lunch that he purchases or brings from home.
  • Uses good table manners and practices proper eating habits.
  • Never throws food nor wastes food.
  • Talks quietly during lunch.
  • Listens to directions and obeys adults who are supervising.
  • Cleans up after eating and throws trash away before leaving the cafeteria.
  • Raises hand and is recognized by an adult before leaving his seat.


On The Playground

A Good Citizen...

  • Plays only in designated areas under adult supervision.
  • Leaves the playground only with permission.
  • Plays only safe games.
  • Uses playground equipment safely and carefully.
  • Reports injuries to the playground supervisor.
  •  Tries to remember to use restrooms before or after recess, except in emergencies.
  •  Keeps hands off others when at play.
  • Uses appropriate language.
  • Is careful of other's feelings who they think do poorly at a game or sport.
  • Is always a good sport, win or lose.
  • Lines up quickly and quietly.
  • Remembers to collect belongings.
  • Always goes to the end of the line and awaits turn.
  • Remembers that food and gum are not appropriate on the playground.
  • Dresses appropriately for outside recess.